Nutritious  Fresh  Delicious

Pureland Greenhouse®️ 纯地种植

produces highly recommended microgreens and leafy veggies     高品質高營養苗菜

located in central Burnaby, BC 本拿比中部

uses organic seeds and grown in a sterilized space 有機種子無農藥

You bring back our containers for reusing, then zero waste to beautiful Metro Vancouver 循環使用我們的包裝盒,以便不產生垃圾

Mild flavor with high polyphenols content

The most nutritional cost effective vegetables!

Lovely Triton Radish

Pureland Greenhouse only produces clean veggies.

Super food with SGS - broccoli microgreens

Antioxidants, Anti-aging, Anti-cancer spreading...

Baby, baby, Broccoli!

Pure green and clean, direct to your taste

Broccoli forest

More than a garnish, it's a main dish for your taste buds and health.