Sulforaphane/ microgreens can detoxify toxins from air and mediate the pro-inflammatory effects.

Air, clean air, that is what we really need at this time. The extra particles and toxins in the bad air acts as oxidative stress in our upper airway.

Hope is that rains are coming - thanks God for this protection. 😊😇

Now we need to work on recovery: recover from the damages on the environment, the pier park, and our body.

This paper points out: the enzymes in broccoli (/ radish) sprouts abrogates oxidative stress through the scavenging of reactive oxygen species and metabolism of reactivechemicals which have invaded into our airway in these days.

This research proved Sulforaphane can mediate the pro-inflammatoryeffects. My friend, go find whatever foods that you can get with high content of Sulforaphane.

It happened our product broccoli and radish microgreens have high content of Sulforaphane. Please come to visit us if we can help you on this: 101-5777 Beresford Street at Burnaby.

Take care & see you soon. 😊 😇

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