1. Sprouts Are Germinated Seeds. Microgreens Are Developed.

2. Sprouts Are Grown In Water. Microgreens in Soil or Peat Moss.

3. Sprouts Take Much Less Time To Grow.  Microgreens Take Longer.

4. Sprouts Do Not Have The Same Nutritional Value. Microgreens Are Healthy.

5. Microgreens and Sprouts Taste Very Different.

Source: http://theherbman.ca/5-differences-between-microgreens-and-sprouts/


The significant difference between their microgreens from Pureland Greenhouse microgreens is: Pureland Greenhouse microgreens have best organic seeds and grow not in soil or peat moss, but they grow up in sterilized natural materials, so we can enjoy the roots, which are full with nutrients too! Pureland Greenhouse microgreens are very clean.

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