About Us 關於我們

We are passionate about我們致力於::

  1. choosing fresh organic and pesticide free vegetables 選擇新鮮的有機和無農藥蔬菜;

  2. producing our foods locally to avoid plastic packaging and to minimize transportation 在當地生產我們的食物,以避免塑料包裝並最大程度地減少運輸;

  3. applying the latest research and technologies to produce the most nutritious vegetables all year round 運用最新的研究和技術,全年生產最營養的蔬菜.

Burnaby Organic Greenhouse Ltd was established in April, 2016 by Ivy Cheng, an over 30 years experienced Professional Engineer. The brand is Pureland Greenhouse®️ . We conducted numerous prototypes in climate-controlled and pesticide free hydroponic greenhouse for leafy veggies and microgreens with collaboration from the University of Fraser Valley. We selected the most suitable seeds and nutrient formula for a variety of microgreens. From the successful prototypes, we used our research data to scale up our growing system, and were successful in reducing growing time to just a few days. 

本拿比有機溫室有限公司由擁有30多年經驗的專業工程師Ivy Cheng20164月成立。我們的品牌是Pureland Greenhouse®️(純地種植),在菲沙河谷大學的合作下,我們為嫩葉蔬菜和營養苗菜在氣候控制和無農藥的水培溫室中進行了多個原型設計,為各種品種選擇了最合適的種子和營養配方。從成功的原型中,我們使用研究數據設立了我們的商業生長系統,並成功地將生長時間縮短到幾天。

At this time, with our super-fast cycle, we focus on growing broccoli and radish microgreens because they are the most nutritious veggies based on the study results from the University of Saskatchewan and University of Valencia. 


We are based in Burnaby, 101-5777 Beresford St a 5 mins walk to Royal Oak Skytrain Station. For environmental reasons, we encourage our customers to bring back our food grade boxes for reusing.

我們的總部位於本那比(Burnaby),地址為101-5777 Beresford St,步行5分鐘即可到達皇家橡樹輕軌站。出於環境原因,我們鼓勵客戶帶回我們食品級包裝盒以便重複使用。

We are a zero CO2 emission business. 我們是二氧化碳零排放企業。

We prepared more scientific research papers to support our design and operation, please click here for English version and here for Chinese version.